Tuesday, May 21, 2024
After Months of construction, Jikow Long Beach Bridge officials celebration is coming Saturday. This will happen after many years of construction and millions and millions ofย  dollars spended on building it.
This bridge will connect communities in Gambella in the Nuer Zone. Glad to see that it will connect the weredas from Lare down to Kankan.
Great thanks and appreciation to the Campany which built the bridge. It was said that not only people and light vehicles would be able to pass through, but also big truck are able to pass through without problems.
The bridge is capable to accomodate as many vehicles as 50,000 a day which crosses it. It is great for the people of Gambella as it will provide a direct link link between the communities of Banyrial and yowliet then to Jekow town.
Authority though this is tempoaraly built to sustain emmidiate effect, the bridge is able to last for 50 years.
Anyone is invited for the bridge’s opening on Saturday. Thousands of pedestrians will cross the bridge by foot as part of the opening festivities.
This is an amazing and colossal achievement. This bridge represents an incredible success story to all Nuer Zones.
Special Thank To Ethiopia PM Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali
for releasing the funds and to the Gambella president Omot Ojulu and his deputy, Vice President,ย  Thankuey Joack.
Goani mal and the people of Gambella thanks the men and women who helped build the bridge.
Goa ni Mal.
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