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Gambella Peace Initiative

Australia, Canada and the United States

Date: 07/10/2016 E.C (14/06/2024 G.C).

To the Office of the Prime Minister
Lorenzo Tiezaz Rd
Addis Ababa

Subject: President Omot Threatens Bus Drivers, Wants Nuer to Board in insecure Bus Station Despite Safety Concern.

Dear Prime Minister,

We hope you are well serving the people of Ethiopia from all its corners. We are from Gambella Peace Initiative (GPI). Gambella Peace Initiative (GPI) is an organisation formed last year in response to violence in Gambella which claimed so many lives.

We are based in western countries particularly in Australia, Canada and the United States of America. We have sent you so many emails regarding the situation in Gambella. Our sentiment is now in a breaking point since we become unsure if you will ever response to look into the causes of suffering of innocent souls and and to stop it.

We understand there is a lot going on in Ethiopia but Gambella, which is smaller in population size than some zones in Oromia or Amhara Regions cannot be a difficult task to put the violence to an end. Now, the aim of this letter is not about asking to stop the violence as we wrote so many letters suggesting some ways in which Gambella can restore its sense back, but never happened. We afraid to say that either you or your office remained oblivious which made stability remain elusive.

Then the people of Gambella would only have to ask God to come to their aid because like you know democracy in Ethiopia, constituents do not even know who leads them as they do not get involve in selection process.

That is why if you cannot get involve in tapping Omot in shoulder about the abuses of human right violations, Gambella situation would never end as people at the top such as President Omot himself are the architect of the violence.  He and his GPLM thugs are working side by side to eliminate as many Nuer as they could possibly get.

But Nuer have been able to take care of themselves boarding bus service in Nuer Neighbourhood which Omot is not happy about as his killer machine cannot find its prey in the way they would like. Now, Omot is forcing the relocation of the bus station to Anyuak area, a place at this moment a member from Nuer ethnic group cannot set foot on. Omot is using the relocation under the guise of a lost revenue but ostensively, his GPLM wants to murder as many Nuer as he could possibly get.

This also goes against the wish of bus drivers most of which are Oromos who refuse to work in Anyuak area due to fear of personal safety and the loss of their vehicles. Omot is not backing down and for two days, the movement of people and goods in Gambella city to Nuer Zone stopped.

President Omot also contemplate passenger will not have a military scout to the Nuer Zone. Any police officer who will provide security for Nuer passengers will lose his job. This is not bluffing. Omot is putting these measures in place despite the region being so unsecure. Last weekend, 7 Nuer MPs in Gambella Parliament were shot and wounded. They are now fighting for their lives in Gambella Primary Hospital. The attackers are on the loose and he has no appetite to bring them or anybody that kill or harm Nuer to justice. Instead, he is getting thirstier and thirstier for Nuer blood by the day.

The vice President who supposed to care for his people is remaining tight lifted. Dubbed as naïve by the Nuer is Omot outsmarted by Omot signing so many death sentences for his family including the signing off 18,000 bullets to Anyuak militia to kill Nuer.

This move comes after a meeting held by Omot and his Anyuak evils in Ikhiet Hotel. Gambella. In their meeting, they also said that Gambella Primary Hospital will not be in service. Doctors, nurses, and cleaners will have to go back to the Gambella Base Hospital located in Anyuak neighbourhood.

The Anyuak are known to kill patients in hospitals throughout most Gambella violences. That is why Nuer have feared to go back to the hospital in Anyuak side. The life of patients and doctors from the Nuer ethnic group would be at risk.

However, Omot is having no appetite to solve the problem. Instead, he is putting more fuel in the fire as new victim comes with a new grieving family. That is what he is trying to get Nuer killed in the bus station and at the hospital on Anyuak side.

The Ethiopian Constitution Gives every Ethiopian the right to life and protection. Omot is not protecting Nuer but again he is working hard for his GPLM terror group to make it easy to kill Nuer. We are urging your office to urgently ring Omot to revoke this decision. Nuer cannot go to hell like it is. So many buses have been destroyed by Anyuak in their goal to hunt for their prey (Nuer) as if they would eat them.

If you would not respond, Gambella will be a bloodbath and the responsibility will lie on the Federal Government who allows Omot to kill the very people who support you and your party. We have so many Nuer kids in ENDF and now you are allowing their families to be starved or killed by Omot. Gambella is in a lockdown and for how long could this go?

There is no movement between the Gambella city and woredas. Omot is working hard to humiliate Nuer breaking every article of the Ethiopian Constitution every single day. He attempted to force out the Nuer elders from the hospital who were arrested for no reason.

These elders were too old to be incarcerated but after falling ill, they were sent to the hospital where they are now receiving treatment. Omot did not allow them in the fist place to go to the hospital.  After pressure from public denying old people treatment who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressures diseases, Omot allowed them to the hospital but now said they overstayed and wanted them back to the prison despite doctors recommending further monitoring.

This is a gross violation of human rights denying medical treatment. This is Omot’s Gambella and the more he continues like that, it will create a resentment in Nuer society to the point where Prosperity Party won’t be seen as a party for people but an entity for the cronies. May you please ring Omot to stop this madness.

May God Give you Peace, Good Health and faithful guidance to lead the people of Ethiopia including the people of Gambella. 

 Yours Faithfully!

Gambella Peace Initiative.







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