Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mission statement

The Gambella Vision is commiited to serve the Gambella people both at home and Diaspora with news, current affair and information from around Gambella. The network is dedicated to educate the Gambella people about the dangers of unquanitified alcohol use especially the locally made wine around Gambella town. The Gambella Vision would like to use this website as a learning tool for people to access unbiased information so that theybbecome regular visitors not only to access latest news but they will be ablle to read other articles in the website which talks about health.ย  This enclude the use of condoms site vistors hey willk be abl consequences of unprotected sex and locally made wine particulary those that are distilled in the Gambella town.ย  Our objective is to make the Gambella Vision website unbiased so that reliable information can be found in our site and at the same token, site users will be able to revisit allowing the opportunity to read other information relating to health issues in Gambella.