Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Bus attack on Gambella Nyinenyang road by ASnyuak terrorists

Today, Omot told the bus drivers not to go to Newland. Omot is putting this order because since the Anyuak started killing the Nuer, the Nuer have been able to take care forthemselves. They pay extra fee for protection to go to the police who escouts them.

Now that he wants the Nuer to go and board in Anyuak area, it will make it easy for his people to commiitt mass murder. Last week, 7 Nuer were shot and wounded and Omot did not arrest nobody for that shooting.

Nuer Must continue to board in the New Land until the situation settles. If Omot win in his push to create evil where his Anyuak tribe ends up killing innocent Nuer, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed Ali must be responsible for allowing Omot to abuse the Ethiopian Consituttion. Every Ethiopian Has the Right to Life. But Omot is doing this to kill the Nuer. Should the Nuer be killed in this Process, the Federal Govement must Explain itself in the Ethiopian Court in the Futiure for allowing Omot to behave the way he does.

There is no logical reason for the bus station to be at the Anyuak side if not that President Omot wants the Nuer to be killed by his Anyuak. Since the Gambella Violence started mostly by Anyuak against the Nuer, the passengers have become the main target by Anyuak since they are defenseless and abundant. So many public buses have been destroyed and so many passnegers have been killed as well. Scores of Nuer were wounded. The attack did not happen once or twice but so many times. On all those attacks, Omot never come to see the dead or the injured in the hospital.

Last year, after 5 people lost their lives in the first attack, the Nuer boarded the bus service in New Land. Due to the loss of revenue, the Anyuak burglars who have been charging passengers for luggages protested against the Omot to bring the bus station back to Anyuak Neighbourhood.

The Nuer feels for their saferty because Omot never protect the Nuer. For doing that, about 8 Nuer Elders were arrested by Omot. Today, another Nuer was arrested for voicing his concern that it is not safe to board the bus in Anyuak area. This is because Nuer are being hunted by Anyuak and being killed everywhere the Anyuak could find them. That is why there is a military escout.


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