Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Colonel Desalegn Mulaw is siding with Omot Ojulu whose goal is to kill Nuer. For over a year  now, Nuer have subjectively been killed by Anyuak in an attempt

Colonel Desalegn Mulaw

to drive them out of Ethiopia. There were numerous attacks on passenger buses and scores have been killed by the Anyuak. As if that was not enough, OMot’s GPLM affliates killed Nuer everywhere they could find them including at Gambella Soccer Tournament.

This is what Colonel Desalegn needs to understand. If the Anyuak can kill Nuer in an event that purportedly unite the Gambella Public as a whole, what would stop them killing innocents in bus stations which is exlusively their areas. The Anyuak are not shortage of evil thoughts.

They killed so many Nuer in the bus station in question. Colonel Desalegn has been in Gambella for the good part of the duration of this war. He should have learnt enough about the Anyuaks and their evilness.  He should have known better that the Anyuak have no shy in shattering innocent lives.

The colonel should have been the one against force move of the bus service from Nuer Neighbourhood to Anyuak areas. His failure to understand the Anyuak motive is not that the Anyuak do not pose threat but he might have special comnection with Omot.

The colonel never faced off with the GPLM which attacks Nuer. He al never arrests anyone who kills Nuer. As this is the case, what would prevent criminals from murferig people who understand there is no punishment or deterrence? Nuer had a good reason to refuse to board the bus service from Anyuak Neighbour which is a GPLM hideout.

Colonel Desalegn and President Omot were both asked if they would like to take responsibility for any attack on the bus station where Nuer may likely die. Neither the Colonel himself nor the President accpted any responsibiloity.

Yet, they wanted to send passergers and commuters to hell as if it was passengers or commuters choice to board in an unsafe environtment. This behaviour of the Colonel demonstrate how Omot has cripplled every institution with money. This is because the Ethiopian military in Gambella embezzled state resources under the guise of protecting the Anyuak which uses it as a launching pad to attack Nuer.

What hope would  Nuer have to trust this colonel who killed innocent Nuer in their sleep in Makhot Kebele of Itang now telling them that come and board the bus services in Anyuak area.

The Nuer would fear the ENDF more which has become an Anyuak mercenary force than the Anyuak themselves who are committing acts of terrorism in Gambella region as a whole. It is fair to say that the colonel is overstepping  his  duties. He is neither a judge nor a police officer to deal with domestic issues.

He must stay away from Gambella problems. His statement on putting criminals behind bar when they kill passngers cannot be substantiated. Hundreds have already been killed with some as recent as two days ago. No action has been seen.  Just very receently, 7 Nuer MPs were shot and wounded one of which leg was amputed. A week after the shooting of 7 Mps, a person from Nuer Ethnic Group was killed and 3 others were wounded.

The Colonel has not been able to bring those committing  these henious crimes to justice. Clearly, Nuer should say he has not been helping them but the Anyuak making them to get away with crimes using the Ethiopia military might to Kill Nuer who are the backbone of the Gambella economy.


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