Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Anyuak Terrorist Network are not letting up campaign of terror against the Nuer. Two days after they open fire on the Nuer MPs in Gambella City wounding 7 Nuer officials, they attacked Fugnido Refugee camp last night and killed people in a village where the South Sudanese Nuer Reside. Scores were wounded with some in critical condition. There was one confirmed death.

The refugee had no connection with what the Nuer and Anyuak Ethiopians are going through. But the Anyuak do not seem to understand that. They always kill Nuer Refugees when they had issue with the Nuer Ethiopians which are totallydifferent from those in Ethiopia. In 2002, they stopped a full bus with Nuer Passngers and killed all the 69 people including women and children.

In the same year, when the Anyuak Sudanese had minor scuffle with the Dinka Refugees of Soith Sudan. they attacked village 12 inhabited by Dinka and Anyuak, As the Anyuak locals knew what was coming, they left the village 2 hours befoe the attack. Only Dinka refugees were in the camp and 69 of them were killd by the Anyuak.

With all the signs, it is now appearing that history is about to repeat itself. It is time for the Prime Minister to protect the Refugees.


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