Tuesday, June 18, 2024


The Anyuak  are one of the ethnic groups inhabiting the Gambella region located in south west Ethiopia. They are a Luo Nilotic Ethnic which inhabit parts of East Africa. The Anyuak in Ethiopia are the second largets ethnic group occupying most parts of zone 3 of the Gambella region. The Anyuak of Ethiopia have had influential leaders in Gambella region after the overtrown of the Derg regime.

Such figures include Agua who was the first Regional State president of Gambella in 1983/84 Ethiopian Calender. Then after Agua was Okello Oman followed by Okello Nyigillo and recently Omot Obang who had worked hard to ensure that ethnic groups in Gambella coexist peacefully without communal strifes as had been the case in the past. The Anyuak share some of their cultures with their Nuer counterparts and now the the two largest ethnic groups in the region enjoy a tremendous amount of mutual understanding between each other.