Tuesday, June 18, 2024

SecuritybChief Bagual Joack signed off ammunition to kill his family

When one looks the stupidity of the Nuer MPs in Gambella Parliament, it is hard to fathom why they behave the way they do.

In western Democracy, those who enter politic tend to be the best of the best in terms of policies that govern and protect societies. But what you see in Gambella particularly among the Nuer MP is mind boggling.

The security chief received a letter from ANYUAK zone which sided with the Anyuak GPLM, a terrorist group which has been been killing innocent Nuer in their homes and on federal roads. The Letter was asking for bullets . As the motive of Anyuak is to kill every Nuer they could get, you would think twice if you were the Security Chief of Gambella.

You would think deeply with a great deal of concern if you are from Nuer because approving it is just like a soccer player scoring his own goal. You would knock it back straight away. But that is not what happened. The security chief signed it eventhough the contents have some part mentioning Nuer as the enemy of the Anyuak in Gambella.

The Question to ask is where did Omot collect all the fools from? This is not Gatluak Tut because Bagual was not brought by Gatluak. Boyo boyo.Β  Nuer must understand that those supporting Omot with his policies that kill us have no different with the Anyuak that launches attack on our villages.

Until we start eliminating them one by one, they will always side with Omot in his stupid, racists or tribalistic policies. Omot was not a bad guy for the Nuer. But he had Anyuak agenda and currently he is carrying Anyuak Agenda because if he acted contrary to what the Anyuak expected of him, he knew he could be killed by Anyuak like they did to Agua Alemu and assisination attempts made against Omot Obang. That is why he is behaving that way.

For Nuer, there has never been any punishment after politic whether you colloborate or not. That would need to change. Ina ny conflict you cannot have a leader that does not represent your view. Let alone leader, it is very hard to win against the enemy when you have so many go betweens. For the Nuer in Gambella, the go betweens are the leaders or those wanting to be the leaders seeking power or the longevity of it in the expense of Nuer Blood.


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