Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Zones and Woredas

Gambella National Regional State has three administrative zones and 13 weredas.
These zones include:

  • The Anyuak zone
  • The Mejeng Zone and the
  • Nuer Zone

The Anyuak zone

The Anyuak zone is the largest in terms of land size but the second populous after the Nuer zone population wise. The weredas which are found in Anyuak zone include:

  1. Abob
  2. Gog
  3. Jore
  4. Dimma

The Anyuak also share Itang special wereda and Gambella Zuria wereda with other ethnic groups of the region.

The Mejeng Zone

The Mejeng zone is the smallest and less populous zone in the region located in south eastern part of the state bordering Gambella with SNNPS. There are two weredas found in the Mejeng zone which include:

  1. Godere and
  2. Mengesh

The Nuer zone

The Nuer Zone is the second largest zone after the Anyuak but it is the most populous in the region. There are four weredas in the Nuer zone which include:

  1. ย Akobo
  2. ย Jikawo
  3. Lare and
  4. ย Wanthoa

Nuer also dwell in Gambella Zuria and Itang special weredas which they share with other ethnic groups of the region.