Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Our Network

We are individual citizens of Ethiopia from Gambella Region who founded the Gambella Vision where positive ideas about development at home can be discussed and disseminated. This decision befell after noticing the impact of media on peopleโ€™s lives because it allows them to learn and unite should adversaries exist. As there are a lot of advesaries affecting the lives of Gambella people, with AIDS being the dominant obstacle, the Gambella Vision media outlet would take a pesuasive role in encouraging people to take care of themselves. This will be achieved by our network which is composed of Gambellians from global world. While its base is in Australia, the network is very much supported by Gambellians in USA, Canada, Europe and Africa of course where Gambella is found. Our network has he sole aim of supporting Gambellians at home on issues that are beneficial to the people of Gambella.

The Gambella Vision network consists of every tribe from Gambella region as well as the highlanders who have adopted Gambella and called it home. The network would like to invite any individual whether from Indigenious people of the region or anyone else from highland Ethiopia and welcome their ideas about how Gambella could prosper and tackle obstacles that are facing it one of which is the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the region.