Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Omot Ojulu and his Anyuak Elites are trying hard to eliminate Nuer in what away possible. After the failed attempt to disloge Nuer from Ethiopia by GPLM, Omot bribed the ENDF generals in Gambella turning the Ethiopian Army into a mercinery force to do his evil act. As that failed, Omot is now using Nuer to kill their families.

It started with the signing off 18,000 bullets for Anyuak militias. That was signed by Bagual Joack , their last resort is now Nuer. Omot is using Nuer to arrest other Nuers aor kill them in return for job security. During the Gambella soccer tournament, one of Omot loyalist, Bol Puoch Biliew ‘s vehicle was used by Anyuak to kill Nuer spectators at football stadium.

Neither the driver nor the killers were apprehendedBol came to the defence of the driver who is an Anyuak. Just two weeks ago, Gatkuoth Thiyang’s vehicle was also used by Anyuak in the shooting of people. Many of the wounded were members of the Parliament. The diver of Gatkuoth’s vehicle is also an Anyuak. Neither the driver nor the shooters were apprehended.

Two days ago, Bol involved in a quarrell with Nuer in Bereseb. Details of the argument weren ot known., However, it is true that any misculculation would cause Nuer dearly. The Nuer needs to look at this in a bigger picture. The consequences of that initiation of Gambella without Nuer, they all launched an attack on Nuer in Berbereseb, Wanthoa and PuldengΒ  killing good number of Nuers including officials. As that move failed to dislodge Nuer from their homes, they resorted to ENDF using it as a launching pad to attack Nuer and when Nuer responds to such attacks, the ENDF steps in asking Nuer to go away.

That trick was there until the attack of Makhot when the ENDF has finanly become an Anyuak mercinaery force paid to kill. As the ENDF underestimated Nuer, they had such humialting losses from a fight that was never theirs. That prompted an investiogation and from that day, ENDF got pressuure from the Federal goverment while at the same time lost its image from Nuer who do not longer see it as an army for the people but Anyuak stooge.

The Nuer do not longer respect it and can go heasd to head with them should Anyuak attack Nuer and hide at the back of ENDF. Omot’s plan on that failed but now is using the same style Omot Obang used dividing Nuer and le them fight among themselves. That was bad because all it takes


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