Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Gambella is rapidly developing into a more modern town as people mindset is being transformed for urban life. This has also been underpinned by villagization program where villagers are urged to give up living in villages for collective settlements in what is called ‘mender’ in Amharic in order to have access to services collectively built for them in places chosen by the regional government.

The development has been happening wide across Ethiopia and the change that is now happening in Addis Ababa transforming it to look more like a European city in the next five years to come is not only confined to it. The people of Gambella have been in the position to develop their own regional capital. Many houses now in Gambella are being built with bricks and hopefully in the next few years to come Gambella will be an attractive city for its inhabitants.

In addition to houses made with bricks and blocks, high rise buildings in the town are also being constructed. Once completed, the image of the town will be altered for the better. The roads in regional capital are also being built with asphalt. The longest road so far built with asphalt is the Lare, to Gambella road. Once other major roads in weredas linking up with Gambella are built with asphalt, it would then foster the image of the town and enable easy transport as the length of journey by car would be halved.