Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Better Health

Although much improvement in health sector has been witnessed by many Gambellians particularly in the area of infant death, there is still a lot of work to be done. The Gambella Hospital for instance lacks a lot of specialist. This does not mean to blame anyone or the state government as the issue may not only be confined to Gambella alone.

But a suggestion that the people of Gambella would need to take up the benefits of federalism so that regional state government politicians could lobby the federal government to take more indigenous Gambellians irrespective of their year 12 results which might be diffuclt to achieve.

The benefit of educating more Gambellians in the medical field is that they could stay in the region once they complete their education specialist from highland Ethiopia may only stay for a short time in the region which can be as short as three months.

These has serious ramifications for the patients. . An example of a such a crisis was when a young girl from Lare wereda fractured her elbow after falling from a tree. The fracture was so severe that the doctor who saw her could not do anything due to lack of equipment in the hospital. The only option he had was to refer her to Addiis Ababa at the expense of her family

This does not help specially with the health crisis in the region is in a worrying trend. Although women mortality during birth is now a bit down, it is still high when one compares Gambella Health  with Addis Ababa Health Services although one would otherwise state that sequential order is needed and so it may take sometimes before Gambellla Health reaches the Addis Ababa standard.  The HIV is a worrying trend in the region and it needs special attention from us all otherwise failing to address it adequately would mean that Gambella may no longer exist in 50 year  time because many reports are indicating that Gambella has the highest rate of HIV infection in the country.