Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Gambella has many beautiful places in Ethiopia which could atractive tourists both at a national and international level if preseved wisely. The gambella National park which is under establisment is one of the best examples beause tourists mainlyfrom western world would be able to come to Ethiopia to see Africa’s best and only anmials.

Other places places such as  Jay waterfall in Godere woreda, Tata and Bure lakes are also few features which would require development for toursim in the region. The view and ecological services of the forest, the waterfall and the two lakes has great potential to attract tourists and would be source of income. The natural forest, Tata and Bure lakes are nowadays minimized due to deforestation, agricultural expansion, coffee plantation, absence of land use planning, absence of land use strategies and lack of implementation of the national and regional land use policy. Therefore, these natural resources should be conserved and protected and use for tourism development and it is better to consider these natural resources as tourism areas through delineating in the land use planning process of the Gilo sub-basin. Morever, the Godere natural forest has to be maintained and conserved in order to use it as a carbon credit and getting foreign currency since it regulates the local and global climate change.