Tuesday, June 18, 2024

SecuritybChief Bagual Joack signed off ammunition to kill his family

Over three weeks ago, there was an uproar in social media of utmost anger from the Nuer against the Security Chief, Bagual Joack. This anger was triggered after a letter from the Anyuak Zone was presented to Bagual requesting 18,000 bullets to be delivered to the Anyuak Zone. As the Anyuak are killing the Nuer wherever they find them, Omot bypassed the federal authorities overseeing the situation and signed it.

He forwarded the letter to Bagual and asked him to sign it off toΒ  approve the request without knowledge of the federal authorities and the Gambella cabinet fearing it might be refused if it goes for discusion. You would think Bagual would knock it back given the current situation and also knowing that the Anyuak want the bullets to kill Nuer.

But it was not an issue for Bagual although he is from Nuer whose people are always getting killed by the Anyuak. Approving 18,000 bullets would indicate taking out 18,000 Nuer. Fearing for the liklihood of dismissal if he refuses to follow Omot’s request, Bagual signed off the letter caring about his food over his family.

5,000 of the 18,000 bullets requested were dileverd to the Anyuak Zone. All could have been delivered if it was not that there were no enough bullets in the ammunition store.

It did not take long for the Anyuaks to use the bullets against the Nuer. The first recipients were President Omot’s supporters including Bagual’s brother. Bagual’s brother was among Omot supporters who got shot on 7/06/2024.

He is now in the hospital. Bagual might keep his job but he might not be able to keep his family alive. That is why all Nuer “Guel” working in Omot’s goverment carrying out Omot’s directives needs to think twice when Omot ask them to kill their families. Gambella Parliament is not a n entity where people are served. It is a killing zone for people. Omot might design policies like he always does to kill Nuer but the consequences would be dires and will ultimately clear Anyuak from Openo if he does continue. Bullets Never Rule. In the long run, he will make Nuer stronger and united to the point where they won’t even respect him. .


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