Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Anyuak Terrorists killed three refugees in their farm at Jewi Refugees camp. This comes a day after Omot Ojulu, the protectorate of the terrorists said to Federal Goverment that South Sudanese Refugees especially the Nuer must be moved from Gambella and relocated to other parts of Ethiopia because the Anyuak do not like them. As they discused the issue, the Federal Goverment did not accept Omot’s agenda.

As that failed, Omot told his terrorists what he said to the federal goverment was not accepted. The terrorist then began killing the refugees. The Anyuak are vilating the Ethiopian law andan the Law of United Nations Human Rights of the Geneva Convention that refugees requires Protection.

Ethiopia is a signastory of the Geneva Convention. The Anyuak are Ethiopians and any breach of the Geneva Convention won’t be seen as islated or done by thugs such as the Anyuaks are. But it would be seen as Ethiopia breaching its own mandate. That is why the Anyuak especialy the GPLM and Omot Ojulu need to be held accountable on refugees deaths.


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