Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Gambella is the worst place on Earth for South Sudanese Refugees from  Nuer ethnic tribe to live. Due to the conflict between the Nuer Ethiopians and the Anyuak Ethiopians, the refugees get targetted by the Anyuak for nothing other than sharing the same ethnicity with people they have conflict with.  Today, two South Sudanese Refugees were killed around Jewa Camp while working in their farms.

In Jewi camp. refugees cultivate to supplement what is provided by the UNHCR. While minding their business, the Anyuak terrorists came sneakingly from behind and shot them in a close range. The refugees died at the scene. Reports later reveal that one of the refugees might not have been from the Nuer ethnic group.

She was in fact believed to befrom the Bari Tribe of the Equatoria Region of South Sudan. Due to the war in South Sudan, many refugees came to Ethiopia for protection but now the second home has no difference with the place they ran away from as far as violence is concerned. The Anyuak are killing everyone with impunity. No Arresr and as such, there is no detterence.


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