Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Gambella should be in a state of emergency becauses this violence is not going to stop anytime soon. It needs people like late Omot Obang who entertains no nonsense unlike the current leaders, President Omot Ojulu and his vice, Thankuey, all of which carryon like goons. Omot allows his community to murder Nuer and Thankuey got his mouth tight lipped like a backyard sook who gets scare of older boys.

Blood spill on the floor where MPs where shot

That is why the killing of Nuer is continuing as nobody is telling Omot to stop his people from barbarism and madness. The trend of violelnce and the number of people getting killed or injured is increasing in exponential rate. Last night, 7 Nuer were shot and wounded at Goa Lat Cafeteria.  Three of the seven wounded sustained broken bones some badly now fighting for their lives in Gambella Primary Hospital.

The President and his vice do not deserve any moment in the realm. They propably should be in jail for letting this continue. But the Prime Minister who has the power to do  something is much worried about plantation of trees  than Gambella lives.  His view especially on Gambella can be true because the more the blood wet the grasses, the more fertile the Gambella soil would become for trees growth.

Many may think that is why he is doing nothing as he intentionally wants the Gambella Soil to be so fertlise with littered dead bodies. Slowly slowly, the Gambellians will loose big and the beneficieries of this violence would be none Indegineous as each week, someone from the Indigeneous community dies. Worst still is that killers walk free.

As the governments, both the federal and state,  do nothing what would follow is a contineous suffering of innocent people both Nuer and Anyuak. This  will be nobody’s victcory since the Nuer would never get evicted from their dwelling habitats. They will also strike back anytime their loved one is killed or injured. In the long run Nuer will take measures of self defence and offensive measures if their lives are continuing to be threatened. This will only stop if the Prime Minister does something about it.

If this continue, the Anyuak  in the end would probably be the lossing side because Nuer will ensure the very doctrine of the Ethiopian constitution is not breached by people who wants to evict them. In self ptotection, the Nuer will eventually make sure the Lare Gambella Road is safe for movement of the Nuer Ethiopians between Nuer Zone and Gambella town. Nuer would have to do that even if it means clearing any setllement along the road which the Anyuak uses as a hideout for attack.  Nuer must protect this passge for the transport of goods and movement of people.

Nuer would also have to respond to any attack such as the one of last night eventhough the Anyuak probably scored their own goals  because nobody love Anyuak and their idiotic dream more than those Nuer MPs the Anyuak shot and wounded. These MPs advised Nuer falsely so many times that situation in Gambella is fine. These MPs think the Anyuak are good.  They have been trying their best to convince others that those Anyuak who engage in the murder of the Nuer are strange breeds whose policies do not align with Omot. But Omot never arrests any Anyuak who kills Nuer. Instead he promotes them.

These MPs got sent so many times in the past when he wanted his message to get conveyed in the Nuer Zone such as telling people to chill whenever their loved ones are killed. Now that they are still in the hospital and probably some would never work again, it is fair to say that Omot scored his own goal.

Should there be any killing on Nuer by Anyuak, then Omot will have tough time finding someone like those MP he could send to tell Nuer to chill.  The Nuer will not be stopped and hopefully these thugs will realise they made a mistake by attempting to kill the very people who kepts them to breath till this time.

The Nuer have a capacity to clear the Anyuak from Itang all the way to Abobo. Now that the Anyuak are lot letting up violence and the Pime Minister is not doing anything, the Nuer must use the Anyuak medicine to secure Nuer Safety in Gambella.

The Prime Minister, the Anyuak thugs as well as the Anyuak leadership will be responsible for any thing that may happen in the future if the Nuer Death Continue.

Nuer must protect themselves and the best way to do that is to ensure they deal with the Anyuak directly without begging the Prime Minister who now seems to have no appetite in solving the Gambella Problem.


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