Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Gambella has become an apartheid state of Ethiopia. This is how the Anyuaks and their leadership are turning the region into. Since the fighting broke out between the Nuer and Anyuak, the main Hospital in the region has not been accessible to the Nuer. This is because Anyuak have a habbit of taking inpatients and out patients out of the their hospital waiting rooms and hospital beds and slaughter them.

It happened in 2016 violence and it nearly happened with this violence but the Hospital Guard pushed potential culprits away before memebers of the Ethiopian Defence Force arrived who recued and dispersed the Anyuak thugs.ย  Every patient from Nuer ethnic group was asked to voluntarily discharge themselves due to the danger. They did that and those with the serious disease are admited in Gambella Health Centre.

This is where there is a lack of surgical materials because the health centre is not equipped to deal with serious dideases or traumas. There were a lot of people with limbs amputated because of the fighting and when little surgical instruments they got were sent to the main hospital on the Anyuak side for streilization, they refused to sent them back.

The main hospital base is also where caesarean births are performed. But because of this violence Nuer women who need caesarean on child births are dying in huge number because they cannot access the hospital. President Omot is okay with the blockage not just the hospital but also food to the Nuer zone.

This makes Gambella the Aptjarhied state of Ethiopia.


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