Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The people of Gambella have come together united by the world’s beautiful game, the Gambella National and Regional State Football Tournament. Many people in Gambella who want to see the twoย  brothers (Nuer and Anyuak) to smile again has seen it last night at the opening ceremony of the tournament hosted by Gambella City Administration.

President Omot was also seen smiling when he shook hands with the Lare Woreda Team which opened the match with the host, the Gambella City. It was a joyful moment for all the people of Gambella to put the hatred aside and get united once again.

The crowd as seen in the image below indicate that Nuer and Anyuak can still come together, can still work together and can live together despite the uncertainitities they have had during the past few years.

This also show the people have no common problem among themselves becauase if there were any problem, Nuer players might not have participated in the event which is held in stadium exclusively on Anyuak neighbourhood.

But for President Omot and his vice Thankuey, this is an opportunity that does not have to be wasted. Many would think that the two Presidents have a better chance to bring people together brought by this game so that they never revert to violence.

The Gambella Vision also believes in this moment that Omot and Thankuey must grab this opportunity and educate people about peace. If they could come together as one famoly such as in this situation, then they can always come together and make any other day days like these games were held for.



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