Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bullets supplied by Omot ti his Anyuak thugs to kill Nuer

The rumor circulating this evening about President Omod Ojulu has been confirmed and appears to be true. A reliable source has reached out with alarming information, revealing that President Omod Ojuu has ordered 7 boxes full of bullets to be delivered to the Anyuak Zone, his tribesmen.

The source disclosed that President Omod Ojulu purportedly made this intentional order under the guise of protecting his tribesmen from potential attacks by the Murle and other threats. However, the true and sinister motive behind this action has come to light. It is alleged that President Omod Ojulu ordered the boxes of bullets to empower his tribesmen to launch a deadly attack on the Nuer community in the near future.
The responsibility now falls on the Nuer people to defend themselves against this looming threat, as it appears that President Ojullu is complicit in the actions of his tribesmen.
Stay tuned for more updates!!
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