Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Nuer Tribe Man With Gaar Facial Markings, Gambela, Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Consitution provide fundamentla human rightrs and freedoms for  all Ethiopians regardless of their race, ethnicity, background or religions. The Nuer in Gambella are supposed to enjoy those rights. However, they have been deprived for far too long.

These rights are stipulated in artciles and they include:

Article 14. Rights to life, the Security of Person and Liberty

With this right, ever person has the inviolable and inalienable right to life, the security of person and liberty.

Article 15. Right to Life

This right guarenttee every person has the right to life. No person may be deprived of his life except as a punishment for a serious criminal offence determined by law.

Article 16. The Right of the Security of Person

This right states that every one has the right to protection against bodily harm.

Looking at those rights, it is certainly true that Gambella National and Regional State has failed Nuer. The Federal goverment by far has done nothing either to protect Nuer from vicious assualt by Anyuak terrorists who demand Nuer to leave Ethiopia. They are fulfilling their role by killing Nuer everyday on the roads, in their homes and in the workplaces.

What is alarming is that the killers use state resources such as police weapons and vehicles to transport killers to Nuer areas and kill Nuer. The good example of this was the attack on Puldeng when police officers and terrorist combined and attacked defenseless civilians.  So many Nuer were killed last year and no one has been arrested, not even one person. For such a killing to stop, Nuer must arm themselves to ensure that all the three fundamental rights are met.

The Federal Goverment could have solved this problem by putting pressure on the state leadership to ensure protection. But on their part, they did nothing either.  Because of that, Nuer in Gambella must form a civil self defense as the Anyuak demand is a threat to Nuer existence. Nuer are Ethiopians like the Anyuaks are. But the Anyuak are saying the contary and that is why it must be met with force.

The Federal Goverment and Gambella National aand Regional State can solve this problem. One way of solving would be forming militias to hunt those who attack ambulances, passenger buses and Nuers in their areas. But because the Anyuak killers use state resource to carry out henious crimes, there is no any reason to blieve they would ensure security for the Nuer. Nuer are killed like chickens every single day.

Therefore, any Nuer needs to know the Anyuak agenda that is to derive us out of Gambella and that is why they are creating terror. If Nuer do not response to this killings, they will finish one by one because the Anyuak killers do not care of the Ethiopian consitution.

That is why they kill people every day and that must be me by killing them back. This is not a vision we share but when you deal with people who kill patients in ambulances, there is nothing left you can do.


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