Tuesday, June 18, 2024

It has been nearly a month since the violent in Gambella erupted between the Nuer and Anyuak with no signs of calming down. A few dozen have lost their lives mostly on the Nuer side. As recent as three days ago, Makhot Kebele of Itang Special Zone came under attack at night of June 09th, 2023.

The Gunmen were randomly shooting at the village, and everything was a target for them including cattle. Their approach was a hit and run and after firing enough bullets, they ran away leaving one man seriously injured who later succumbed to his wound and died in Gambella Health Centre (Tsena Tsabia} on 10th of June 2023.

The Ethiopian Defense Force was deployed on the crime scene to investigate the killing. The attackers are on the loose and can attack anytime. There was no real cause of the violence between the Nuer and the Anyuak which made this situation so worry.

Alarmingly, none has been arrested from attackers who attack Nuer neighbourhood not only in Bere Tseseb and Newland in Gambella but also at Itang’s Puldeng Kebele and Wanthoa Wereda where so many people lost thier lives.

Nobody is now optimistic that who launched attack on either side of the isle will be brought to justice. If that remains the case as it seems to, then attacks like this such as what happened in Makhot will be happening daily.

The recent attack on Makhot resulted to the death of a young man annd nobody is certain that his killers would be brought to justice.

President Omot must do something to ensure that Peace return to the region. He must be confident in himself that the goverment he led is a goverment for all the people including Nuer and Abesha who are now suffering in the hands of ati peace elememts.

Anyuak and Nuer have always lived together, and they will always be together irrespective of what is happening which is causing unnecessary grief and losses.

The Gambella Leadership need to understand that not arresting criminals is a green light for other to join this devil habit. So far here are the names of the Nuer who were killed. We will reach to other communities and make the information availabile on those that loss their lives from the Anyuak side. Nobody is happy on these losses from our both sides and that is why this violence would need to stop.

The list will be updated every day as it now seems that the death in Gambella for the Nuer is ongoing.

This table below contains the names of those who lost their livea and those who were wounded. It is not an overall list as we are awiting an update from Wanthoa Wereda where 11 people including women and children were killed in a church.

S/NoNames in FullKebeleWeredaPlace of DeathDate DeceasedAgeSexEthnicity
1Mater Tongyik TangPuldengItangPuldengMaleNuer
2Dorach Both LulPuldengItangPuldengMaleNuer
3Khan Gatwech KuayPuldengItangPuldengMaleNuer
4Wiyual Bumetet DiewMakueyNyinenyangMakueyMaleNuer
5Muoch Chuol DarMakhotItangMakhotMaleNuer
6Nyith Ruach RikMangokLareBere Tseseb, GambellaMaleNuer
7Thanyang Yich ChayMakhotItangMakhotMaleNuer
8Gat Wurom TumMakhotItangMakhot10/06/202331MaleNuer


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