Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Gambella Vision wishes all Ethiopians a Happy New Year both at home and Diaspora. We hope the New Year will bring Peace and Prosperity to our beloved nation. As for the people of Gambella, we wish the 2007 will bring about a positive change upon the lives of Gambellians as far as the health issue is concerned.

Since Gambella is one of the least developed state in the country and with the rate of HIV/AIDS increasing, we hope the 2007 will bring light to many poor people who have less knowledge about how to better protect themselves from HIV/AIDS pandemic. We hope the Gambella politicians will put more emphasis on safe sex education and make it a resolution for the year 2007 so that lives could be spared by developing an awareness programs about AIDS in churches, schools, colleges and Universities.

We also wish to see an end to reliance on acute health services provided elsewhere in the country rather than in state because that does not help the poor who could not afford to travel outside the region in search for a better medical attention.

Finally, we wish the 2007 will see a change from Gambella politicians lobbying the federal government for better hospitals and roads in the state.


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