Wednesday, April 24, 2024
5 dead 44 wounded in Gambella Bus attack by Anyuak Terrorist

Bus attacked in Gambella containing Nuer

The terrorist Attacked the passneger bus boarded by Nuer today. Scores were wounded with some sustaining life threatening injuries. 5 people were killed and died at the ecene. Anyuak are real terrorist who enjoy killing innocent prople. Over the pass few weeks, they have been attacking Makhot relelentlessy but theyhave not made any success.

They switched their tactic to killing none combatant and innocent civiliansย  in a passenger bus travelling between Gambella and the Nuer Zone. Nuer must now understand that these animals have a mission and their mission is toย  derive Nuer out or Kill them all.

Nuer must seriously take this onboard with to ensure their safety. It must also be noted that the Ethiopian Defence Force is there protecting the Anyuaks as it is used as a launching pad by the Anyuak.


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