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It is now obvious that the terrorist who causes mayhem in Gambella have a different agenda other than the land scuffle which triggered the conflict. These terrorists are trying to turn Gambella into a wildly state by terrorizing innocent people.

It is advisable that the government of Ethiopia looks into the plans of these bandits because the lives that have been lost could not have been wasted if there was no underlying issue given that the dude who was the core of the dispute survived the gunshot.

Despite the fact that he was walking free while his opponent was saving time in the jail for the violence that the Anyuak man initiated as he was the one who fired the first shot, the Anyuak mob went on a killing spree. They butchered two sisters who were studying in Gambella Health Science College because they were Nuer defying the efforts made by the Police department in resolving the matter.

One of the sisters did not survive while the other one paralyzed of horrific trauma sustained after being attacked with machetes and knives. While the Nuer were mourning the death of their fellow sister and nurturing the other one in Jimma Hospital, an Anyuak terrorist went to a school compound where the Nuer students were studying.

The terrorist threw a bomb (hand grenade) at the students. Luckily enough the grenade detonated on the terrorist himself injuring him so badly.

That was how the situation became blemished as some of the Anyuak members in Liyu Haile (Special Force) as well as in the police force turned their guns at their fellow Nuer counterparts as well as other Nuer civilians who have no experience with the use of firearms.

That Thursday was a very bad day for the Nuer in Gambella. They were not prepared and unware about what the day unfolded. Many Nuer were going about their business while the terrorists from Anyuak ethnic group were hunting for them killing any Nuer they could find either be an armed man, a woman or a baby.

Hence, being from Nuer ethnic group was enough for them to justify what they did and continue doing.
An example was a high profile Nuer who works for the department of roads in Gambella. On his way back to Gambella, few miles pass Abobo, he was pulled out of his work vehicle and murdered in the bushes.

The Nuer who serve in the Liyu Haile in the woredas of Gog and Jor also met their fate in the hands of their Anyuak counterparts unware that such a unthinkable act would happen to them. For Anyuak who work in the Nuer areas, that is a different story for them.

The lives of those who worked in Nyinenyang, Jokow and Lare were spared and given to authorities who looked after their welfare. That is the way it should be because you cannot kill a person just because he is from a certain ethnicity which happens to be at odds with you. Imagine that Ethiopia and Eritrea go to war again.

Would that be justifiable to kill every Eritrean refugees and Eritrean civilians that we could find in our backyard?
If we do that then we have no different with animals. Indeed, these terrorists have no different with animals. While the Federal government was trying to oversee the situation to help bring a lasting peace by conducting meetings between the Nuer and Anyuak, the terrorists were still thinking like animals killing people wherever they found them.

The death in Gambella on this violence did not only confined to Nuer Ethiopians or everyone else in the region. But any Nuer and everyone who cherishes peace and calmness. For instance, the Sudanese Nuer in the refugee camp of Fugnido who had nothing to do with the Gambella political climax were entangled in this situation by Anyuak.
As recent as yesterday, three Sudanese Nuer were killed despite the peace effort which is being undertaken in the region by the federal government of Ethiopia.

The death continued further to other ethnic groups. Some members of the Ethiopian defense force were also killed in Jor for trying to investigate who killed the Nuer Special Force stationed in Jor barrack. Furthermore, some members of the Ethiopian defense force were also killed by Anyuak terrorists late last week for not adhering to their demands of killing Nuer who works for the UN in the Anyuak town of Agenge.

The act of these perpetrators is heavy to bear and an indicative of terrorism. Terrorists try to articulate their objective by terrorizing local population. If these terrorists were for peace, then the two people they killed four days ago in Gambella town and the three people they killed yesterday in Fugnido camp would have still be alive today because peace loving Anyuak and Nuer were on negotiation looking for modalities that could bring lasting peace in the region.

But because they had different agenda of creating carnage trying to drive anyone out of Gambella be a Nuer or highlander, then the Ethiopian defense force needs to wipe them out for peace to come. It is true that it is not every Anyuak that agree with these murders who are destabilizing our region. Those who agree with the norms of a peaceful Ethiopia and a peaceful state must live with us peacefully but those who seek destruction of our region must be eliminated.

The Ethiopian government needs to take this matter seriously. By the time of writing this article, a sad news came in about the shooting murder of three Nuer between Itang town and their villages. Prior to the killing, the residents of Itang both Nuer and Anyuak agreed to return to normal and live harmoniously again.

Thus, the Ethiopian defense force after advised them to go about their business but the Anyuaks did not mean it. They actually wanted to go and killed the vulnerable like what the did when these women were walking carrying their food items on their heads thinking that the situation was normal.

They were killed cold-bloodedly. This is such a low act that the Anyuak terrorist must stop doing otherwise they would be eradicated in Gambella.


taidor kuapel February 8, 2016 at 10:41 pm

the gov’t should have bear in mind these anyuak get return to what they do in transitional gov’t period as an ethiopia rebel during the period but the gov’t cann’t put serious action on them ,this lead them to start again such a action but it is gov’t action to see it if the natural right of indiffernt state should be destoryed by rebel.

Anywaa February 9, 2016 at 1:52 am

These articles are all lies

It was Nuer who shot Anuak the olero Driver

It was the Nuer who went to school destroying all Anuak student properties

It was the Nuer jail guard who kill Anuak prisoners

This Article is garbage

People who writing like these are the people who don’t want peace
It’s only in Ethiopia that,
The refugee can just kill citizen then Again calling citizen names

Gatluak bakuony February 9, 2016 at 2:17 am

Most anyuak are educated and most of them are PhD holder with countless of Master Degrees and Bachelor Degrees. Yet they think like those in the village who had no idea about any development. They switch to the past.

ሚካኤል ፒርፓች February 9, 2016 at 3:44 am

It is something base less the Federal Government of Ethiopia did not recognized that Evils Nuer people were Ethiopian. again every single minute the Government of Ethiopia was looking the movement of Nuer and their leader.The end of the Game Nuer playing. it will be Grave.

obang February 9, 2016 at 4:55 am

All nuers who are in this world lies alot.nuer are always problem makers now you are saying what you wrote is true? idiot.problem was started when the driver of deputy governor of gambella was shot by nuer who has high postion in governmen.then after that the nuers boys who were in college also they looted books certificats of anywaae student and start throughing stone on anyuak students then thy exchange
the stones.these nuer have a plan to take gambella to be part of south sudan but they can’t make it.on jan 28th they want to kill all anywae who are in omininga vilage.the special force of nuer were guarding other nuer to go and kill anywaae after they start shooting on anywae and looting the clothes and others items in this sport one special force killed five anywwaa boys who trying to defence their mother . this is plan of rieck machar the rebel leader of south sudan.nuers they want spoil gambella ethiopia as they did in south sudan but the ethiopian will not listen to what nuer doing in gambella.even you killed all anywaa at the end of the day nuers will not take gambella.

    Thanyang February 10, 2016 at 9:43 am

    Obang, are you the native of this land Gambella? Gambella is a region and we all have our Woreda and kebela. Especially me myself I’m Lare Son and i don’t think anyone of Anyuak would claim that Lare is part of South Sudan Land. Is Abobo or Jore are part of South Sudan? or Dimma is a part of South Sudan? you people needs to praise the Lord. Jealousy and hatred will never take you anywhere on this earth. Look at Afar Region, Amhara, Oromo and others live in peace. We are only five tribes in Gambella and we needs to live in peace instead.

scorpion February 9, 2016 at 6:07 pm

Then who killed 8 Anywaa inmate in prison?. who raised south sadness flag in arthkilo wearing south Sudan SPLAM-IO army uniform?.
What about the high ranking officers who were arrested are they Anywaa terrorists.Why are you blaming Anywaa while Nuer are the caustive and they have the hidden agenda to wape out all Anywaa from their land like they did in Jikaw and Akobo.This time round Nuer can’t take Anywaa land.

    ANTI-TERROR March 6, 2016 at 8:32 pm


ME WISE February 10, 2016 at 12:19 am

The writer of this article is a big lair. Here in Gambella the news is different.
1 It was nuer who killed the anyuak woman in itang.2 It was nuer who shot the driver 3 It were nuers who throw stones on anyuak and lotted their properties 4 It were nuers who attacked omininga kebelle and burn it down killing two anyuak. 5 It were nuers who killed 8 anyuaks in Gambella prison. 6 It were nuers refugee who came and attack anyuak refuge
e camp killing 3 people. 7 It were nuers who raise the south sudan flag in Gambella.
My friend don’t blame anyuak for the problem your people created. The Ethiopan government know what your people did and now taking action on you.

Changkuoth Chuol Tut February 10, 2016 at 2:46 pm

Gambella is for all five tribes that lives in it. It is never for Anyuaks alone nor it is exclusively for any other tribe without the other four. But with your ways of thinking, you Anyuaks think that it belongs to you a lone. That is a very wishful dream and it will never materialized. The EPRDF has now known your evils. You are the real terrorist this country has seen alongside the Oganden and OLF. The EPDRF will ensure that there is no more Anyuaks rebels in Gambella. We know you want to go back to South Sudan that is why you are linked with the foolish President of South Sudan who promised yu for Pochala as a state in his stupid decree he is ruining his country for. So if you want to go go in peace do not create instability otherwise its you who is going to suffer. You would never succeed.

Duol G Kuet February 10, 2016 at 8:07 pm

I fuck any anyuak who live on the globe.

Bol GatJang February 20, 2016 at 2:24 pm

This kind of defense mechanism for Anyuak would never works as long as their murdering mentality is concern.Every single NUER who was born and raised in the areas around Gambella knows them. People who are always their neighbours lives with horror because they usually terrorize people.It doesn’t matter how you deal with their mess by trying to endure or tolerate them,they going to kill you. Majority of Anyuaks are vicious, reckless, jealous,envious and mythical tribe in the world.They are always so tentative about friendship with others tribes and their future generations.Most Anyuaks people are vacuous meaning they lacking knowledgewith exception of former GP Dr.Obang I guess.I had been in Gambella since 1988 European calendar,I went to school with them, Iam well aware of their mayhem.Anyuaks are, the only tribe in Gambella region with volatile behavior as well as being apathetic upon their antipathy against other tribe and if you are not strong enough to defense yourself against Anyuak, you done.Pleae let’s prays to God to revive and transform your culture and your behavior, we love you but you are racists and praises bad delusions of others among yourself,stop your conspiracy and killing so that we will lives harmony in peace.

ANTI-TERROR March 6, 2016 at 8:33 pm


ANTI-TERROR March 6, 2016 at 8:44 pm

Hello! Those of Agnuak from ethiopia i advise you that don’t involve other nuers from abroad. if you want to defeat the nuers tribe from gambela base on them please.

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