Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The passenger bus was attacked between Gambella and Tharpaam. The attack happened in the outskirts of Abol carried by what is believed to be of Anyuak extremist who are again on the killing spree. The passengers were of Nuer ethnic group who came from Nuer Zone after a church mission.

They could be seen in the video calling their loved ones during the ordeal and also praying to Lord to save their lives. The attack happened after they passed Abol town.

his comes after a cycle of vengeance killings between the Nuer and the Anyuaks. After the truce which ended the violence that claimed nearly 500 lives from both sides, the Anyuak have begun killing Nuers in Itang.

There has not been action from the Gambella National and Regional State government to arrest and bring to justice those who destabilize the region. Β In early December, a member of the Gambella Police Force from Nuer ethnic group was shot and killed late at night by a member from Anyuak community in Itang.

The Anyuak and Nuer of the town did good thing by handing over the killer to authorities for trial and imprisonment. But the suspect scaped on what was believed to be a deal between him and the prison guards. When the police was sent to bring him back, President Omot ordered the police to do nothing.

So the suspect is still on loose. However, many other killings were carried out. Nothing much as been done to bring killers to justice.


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