Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A bajaj driver has a long memory to tell for the rest of his life. Waking up for business on Friday, 1/03/2024 G.C, he drove pass Abol, a notorious town where so many Nuer, Oromo, Tigreans and Amhara are killed by the Anyuak extremist everytime they feel the need to do so. From May last year, the death toll has been exponentially high going up and up with no signs of slowing down.

That was what nearly happened to the bajaj driver, an Oromo who was born and raised in Gambella. He has no knowledge of any other state rathen than his birth place, Gambella. But that is not what the Anyuak extremist think. The extremist are thinking of cleaning up none Anyuaks from the region driving everybody out with the hope of making Gambella, a state for the Anyuak only.

The angry terrorist pelted the bajaj with a spear missing the driverย  by a few centimetres.ย As that happened. the driver ran to the military post

Military Investigating the crime in Abol Woreda

nearby stationed in Abol to protect passengers who use the road and reported his ordeal to the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF). The members of the ENDF as can be seen in the photos came to the crime scene and sawย  the spear. But the Anyuak felt no ineterest of telling who did it. The culprit had fled and he was nowhere to be seen. This is how the life is like in Gambella. The Anyuak are killing people with full immunity and nobody of them gets held to account on their actions because of the lack of cooperation with the authorities.

You can bring the whole population of Addis Ababa as Police Force in Gambella. But if the population remain tightlip as the Anyuaks are, it would just be a waste of police resource to deploy them there. That is how the Anyuaks are covering up crimes they commit in Gambella. We did not see or know the person who did it even when the former Police Commissioner Senay Okwaor and President Omot themselves openly arm the police and use state vehicles in Puldeng attack.


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