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The Diaspora community of Lare Wereda responded in the relief effort made by many Nuer Ethiopians in the United State, Canada, Australia and Europe to help the victims of the Murle attack which happened in the Nuer zone of Gambella.

On 15 April 2016, the barbaric tribe of Murle from the South Sudan crossed the border and raided 13 villages from the Nuer zone in which 208 were killed, 108 children abducted and over 2000 cattle were taken by them.

The Lare Wereda was one of the worst hit with the recorded deaths of 106 people and 78 abducted children. As a result, the Thiang community in Diaspora have come to aid their fellow sisters, brothers or mums and dads and provided monetary support to the relieve and families of those killed whose livestock were taken and kids abducted

The following tables describes the kebeles where people were killed and the relief effort made by the diaspora community. We will start by the Kebele where people were killed.

Lare Wereda
Name of  Kebeles or villages where people were killed
Name of Kebele /Vilage Male Female Total
Nip Nip 22 28 50
Mangok 4 10 14
Bilimkun 18 19 37
Tandaar 1 2 3
Metduerkoang 1 0 1
Riek Chiewan 1 0 1
The overall total of people killed in Lare Wereda are 106

The above table does not include the deaths of another 102 individuals from Jokow and Makuey Weredas and the abducted 30 other more children from those Weredas

As a result of the magnitude of such an attack, the Thiang community Diaspora have responded by contributing money to help the victims even though our good government is taking care with a lot of things being provided to the victims making sure that the problem that they are currently experiencing does not include hunger and starvation.

Here is the list of Contribution made by Thiang Abroad
  United States of America
Name of the community Leader Amount contributed Name of the person money was sent to
John Chuol Luoth $1500  Update required
Gatwech Jock Both $1500  Update required
Overall contribution in USA $3000 US
Name of the community Leader Amount contributed Name of the person the money was sent to
Mochkuich Bech Puk $1700 AU Dobuol Deng Puk
Overall contribution AUST $1700 AU
There were also  individuals who responded to the crisis individually apart from the main stream contribution which they were also apart of. These was done because the kids and families at the time were in need of immediate help
Name of the individual Amount contributed Name of the person the money was sent to
Buom Nguen Mut $500 AU Domach Chuol Leey
Pel Kun Chol $150 AU Domach Chuol Leey
Staff at DSA organisation offered $107 AU Bor Chut
Total amount contributed $657 AU  

We will update you should there be any update needed. But please we need to do more as we now see the return of the children who have no mum and dads. Even though our good governments, the Gambella National and Regional State and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia are taking a great care of them, we need to do more the same way we were affected by the news when we first heard it. These children some of which are 6 months old for a very long time would need a long lasting care.



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