Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Youth Mala (Nuer Christian Youth for Peace and Development) was formed in 2008 G.C by Nuer Council of churches as a peace mechanism Gambella President Omot Ojuluamong Nuer irrespective of geographical boundaries.

It has been holding annual meetings in areas of their choosing. This year event was held this week in Maiwut town of South Sudan. Some Nuer Ethiopians crossed the border and went to the event in Maiwut.

Since there has been no violence among Nuer themselves both in Ethiopia and South Sudan, the event has turned mainly of a prayer asking God to bring development and lasting peace in areas inhabited by Nuer.

The majority of Youth Mala members are priests, and some came as far as from the United States and other western countries.

But President Omot got offended by the pilgrims from Gambella who went to Maiwut.  There are now rumours circulating that he is getting names of those who attended the event mostly elders in the community who have no skills or professional experience to get other jobs.

These people President Omot threaten to fire are “Hager Chimagiles” (Country elders) who were appointed by him in the pretext that they participated in another country affairs.

This is untrue and President Omot should know better that youth Mala originated in Gambella formed by late Rev David Thok Laam and his colleague Rev. Peter Agwa, former President of Eastern Gambella Mekane Yesus, Anyuak side. It was formed in 2002 to reduce the communal fighting between the Nuer and Anyuak.

This group is not political and does not involve in any politic but President Omot has a habbit of getting rid of Nuer from their positions especially if you question any of his ill advised decisions and policies against the Nuer. A Nuer can loose his job or get arrested if his fellow Nuer was killed by Anyuak but demanded the killers be brought to justice. He does not like  that. That is how Omot rule Gambella through threat and lies.

An Ambulance that transported patient from Lare was fired upon in Abol killing a serving police officer of 10 years who was escorting the ambulance. When members of the federal goverment came for investigation, President Omot and his Anyuak cohort lies that the Ambulance was bringing weapons. In reality they were people, the patient, patient’s brother and two police officer. One officer was shot dead and the patient;s brother was wounded now still in the hospital.

In regard to the pilgrims, probably there are people in that team Omot does not get along with. This is not something new for him to fire people for no reason. But using the pilgim method is against the Ethiopian Constitution of article 32 which give right to return home for any Ethiopian that left the country.  But President Omot is acting as though Nuer do not understand or know about their rights.


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