Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Yesterday and todays are the days in which the people of Ethiopia have come together to mourn the death of more than 200 civilians including women and children who were slaughtered last week in Gambella’s Nuer zone in the three woredas of Jokow, Lare and Makuey.

The gun men also abducted more than 100 children mainly from two weredas; Jokow and Lare. Ethiopia has never lost such a huge number on a single day in the hands of barbaric or foreign extremist since the Italian invasion in late 1890s and the mid-1930s. The attackers came from South Sudan’s war torn nation specifically from the barbaric tribe of Murle who abduct kids to marry them off if they females and use boys as farm labourers.

Their act is worse than the 19th c slavery of the Africans by the European as no people at that time who died in gun point rather than a trade organised by African chiefs to sell of their fellow country people for as little as $10.

With this behaviour of Murle being so similar with the slave trade, one would say that they still live in a barbaric and primitive way of life with no regard to the law, Fear of God or Human Rights.

In the past they killed hundreds of people from a village of the Lou Nuer tribe of South Sudan forcing the Lou Nuer Youth to take matters into their own hands as South Sudan has no legitimate government to protect its people.

The Lou Nuer Youth ran over their administrative head quarter of Pibor and nearly wiped of the Map the entire Murle Tribe.  With the fear of being eliminated on the face of the earth, they returned the children and ever since, they have never raided the Lou Nuer territory ever again.

The people of Gambella will only have to hope that they will learn similar lessons especially if the measures to be undertaken by the Ethiopian Defense Force would be so similar with the measures of the Lou Nuer Youth of South Sudan.

This would then bring a relief and a sense of unease to the Ethiopian People particularly the people of who are having border with the Murle primitives. We hope that the Murle will be getting their lesson and never dare to set foot in Ethiopia ever again for criminal activities.


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