Tuesday, July 16, 2024

A delegation from Addis Ababa  sent by the office of the Prime Minister came to Gambella last week and talked about a whole range of things

President Omot Ojulu at the meeting with Team from Addis Ababa

including, trade, investment and peace and security. The met with the regional offcials of the Gambella National and Regional state led by President Omot Ojulu.

Their coming to the region is vital because Gambella badly needs inverstment and business opportunoities for the youth to be employed and be able to support themselves and their families. However, this visit may go to avis because there are more pressing things that Gambella needs right now than talking about business.

The region is is in an anarchy mode as the killing of innocent souls never stopped. For the population that gets kill everyday in thehands of terrorist, jobs are secondary to their personal safety. That is rightly so accross the board among all the people of Gambella both Nuer and some Anyuaks.
However, there are a lot of Anyuaks particulalrly from the Gambella Liberation Movement (GPLM) who are well armed and equipped wants to depopulate Nuer in certain areas with in the region such as in Bereseb, Itang, Tharpaam, Puldeng and surrounding areas of those towns.

They srtarted killing of the Nuer from May last year. They are determined to do that. Those who follow this page website would understand that killing of Nuer by nyuak terrporists is nothing new. But there are times when it is too much and times that it is mageble. At this instant, Nuer deaths has been exponentially. High.

Economically, it is very damaging for the state economy because people are not free to do business. On the otherhand, the poor commuters from Nuer ethnic groups charged double to pay for thier security as police officers are hired to  give protection because of this presence of Anyuak terrorists between Abol town and Gambella where so many passenger buses have been spr ayed with bullets resulting to the death of so many innocent Nuers and bus drivers and their assistants who happens to be from Oromos, Amharas, Tigreans or Southern Nations. .

President Omot and his teeth needed to talked about security first which is the driving force for businesses to thrive. They could ask for help from the federal goverment as it happened that the state authorities are unable to provide. The Gambella Police even collapsed unable to investigate crimes even when they occured in Gambella.

So violence has erased business confidence and as such continue, no investors will be able to come to Gambella to talk about it.


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