Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Two refugees were killed while working in their farms in Jewi refugees Camp yesterday. Jewi refugee camp is about 35 minutes drive from Gambella town. This comes after the kebele elder met with the refugees on 15/07/2023 who told them that their security would longer be on his shoulder.

Authorities of the Gambella National and Regional State knew about the information from the refugees who pleaded for help before the extremist Anyuak strike. The office of the Prime Minister was also informed through their facebook page that such a looming event is about to take place and it needs to be stopped.

Right now, it appears that neither the Prime Minister’s Office nor the Gambella National and Regional State did not do their duty in protecting the very vulnerable who left their countries for protection in Ethiopia.


Nhial Buony Chuol July 23, 2023 at 12:11 pm

Anyuak they’re those who are killing innocent in refugee camps, but president who is Anyuak doesn’t take any action about this issue, so our prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed could result this immediately.

Klero B Denk Yng August 1, 2023 at 7:01 pm


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