Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Gambella Vision team would like to thank all the dedicated members of the Gambella Vision media outlet who have been consistent in their unwavering support to ensure that the Gambella Vision website remains a viable source of information for the people of Gambella those in the region and in diaspora. The team expresses its delight to all members who have been standing strong and remain committed to ensure that developmental aspects and current affair concerning development in Gambella are made known to the Gambella public.

With your support it has been possible to obtain information that we need to display on the website such as the number of weredas, schools, zones and colleges that exist in Gambella National Regional state. The developmental aspects of the region will also be made available.

As you can see or hear the spate of development which is rapidly taking shape in an alarming rate, walking from the Gambella roundabout near commercial bank of Ethiopia either to the teachers college or Gambella agricultural University is now a long gone history.

Gambella has had a considerable number of cars still possess by government employee but could offer a lift if asked. However, there are what are called Bajajs in the region, the three wheeled motor vehicles, which are widely used for transport within the Gambella city. These are kind of developments the Gambella Vision website would like to disseminate. With your support it has been possible. The Gambella Vision team would like to say a thank you all to the members. Our website has been built especially with your support and commitment. Thanks to the fundraising we held last year. The Gambella Vision executives shall be updating you soon about other steps we can take to ensure that the website still gets update daily with fresh news and information that happen in Gambella.


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