Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Few individuals in third world who had never had chance to live in western nations would try everything they could to get there. An example of this has recently been seen from the co-pilot of Ethiopian airline who hijacked his own plane to seek refuge in Geneva. This is one of the low acts able minded individuals could ever comprehend. Having committed this crime already playing russian roulette with the lives of airline passengers as well as its crews and the pilots, his likelihood of re-employment in the aviation industry is very remote should his case be accepted in Switzerland. However, the Swiss authority had stated that whatever persecution he might have experienced from his birth nation would well be override by the lives of those on board. As a result they would be looking for imposing a tougher jail sentence which can be as high as 20 years of imprisonment.

Should that be the case then his life would be shattered and the dream he was pursuing would end up in the gutter. Anyone who watched the news on that day would agree with the overwhelming majority that the hijacker would deserve whatever sentence imposed on him let alone not be able to enjoy such a luxurious life he was receiving when acting as an airline pilot. People could not imagine why one would leave such a highly paid job like piloting for a life on welfare or menial jobs for that matter if his case were to be accepted. However, what a lot of people in the third world would have to realise is that life is the same wherever you are. You might be earning $1000 a week in some parts of the world whereas on the other part another one might be receiving as little as $10 per a week. The gap may be too much however, what people should understand is that the more you earn the more expenses you are going to have. On top of that seeking wealth by greed should not come at the cost of others’ lives or at the exposure of our country image which has been tarnish by acts like this nature.

There is no doubt that passengers who were on board were all frightened and some will ever think twice before boarding an Ethiopian airline again. People just need to work and make their nations prosperous instead of trying to abandon their own countries. Western nations do not get rich by chance. People really work very hard day and night to ensure that goals are achieved and met.


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