Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Some of the eight defected politicians to South Sudan government early this week who caused a media frenzy in Juba are in fact victims of Kiir’s imposed war on South Sudanese People. Yiey Puoch Lur who boarded the Ethiopian Plane for Juba to join the rogue regime is in fact a victim like many of us affected by Kiir’s atrocities.

He himself, was a survivor of the killing spree carried out by Kiir’s thugs in the town of Malakal at the end of the year. However, his sister did not make it. Nyachan Puoch Lur along with her six children were killed in Malakal by forces loyal to Kiir who were determined to wipe out any person found to be a Nuer.

Yiey, himself had lost a lot in this war and it is beyond insanity to see him join the monster who inflicted so much pain and suffering on his family. Yiey could have been the last person to join the Juba government not only because of the lost of his sister but of other family members as well.

When Kiir’s private army was rounding up Nuers killing them in their thousands in the three days ordeal, Yiey’s cousin, who was a highly educated person, holding a Master Degree from London and a significant position in Juba, was killed. Like many innocent women and children whose Kiir’s private army tortured, murdered and even burnt alive, he was exterminated in cold blood beyond recognition.

A source close to Yiey has revealed the motive behind why he had decided to join the government which caused all these messes. Yiey was driven by greed to grab the vacated seat of Maiwut and Longechuk counties in the national parliament in Juba. The seat was formerly held by honourable Mr Paul Bor Gatwech Kuany. Bor, like Yiey as a survivor, ran for his life when Kiir was targeting Nuer in Juba. Bor had later joined the rebellion vowing to seek justice about the death of so many people particularly from his constituent.

Yiey’s defection to join the dying horse has nothing to do with the interest of the constituent and would not affect their moral obligation as well as the obligation of millions of South Sudanese whose hearts were touch by Kiir’s criminality. Instead Yiey would be considered like former chief of Staff Gathoth Mai whose cousin was killed in the Juba nightmare for Nuer. Despite that Gathoth deployed more troops to kill the remaining cousins who did not buy the allege coup, a pretext Kiir used to legitimize the genocide he committed on Nuer.

The Nuer will never stop breathing because of crook individuals who value resources over human dignity or family as far as Yiey matter is concerned. Yiey is just like a horse without a cart because his defection would not be measured and would not have any influence on the people of both Maiwut and Longechuk. Gathoth too did not have any significant influence over the people of Ulang and Nasir. It was for that reason that got him removed. Now that he loss the position, no one could really imagine what goes on into his mind with the status gone as well as the money he used to sell the Nuer blood for and the big dent on his family that he could have saved more lives if he acted accordingly.

Thankfully a number of other ethnic groups had joined Nuer knowing that each and every one of them will die eventually if the toxic government is not removed.


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