Tuesday, July 16, 2024

President Omot met yesterday with the Pastors of the Anyuak Community and the Nuer Community as well to bring Peace in Gambella. This is the first time in

Nuer Pastors Meeting woth President Omot

his leadership such a move was seen since the terrorist started killing on Nuer from May last year.

At the same time, President Omot talked to Nuer Youth Urging them to goΒ  to the Street to chant for peace and that Nuer are behind President Omot. This is what his government did yesterday urging the victims to falsely go on the street as if they support him.

This is all lies and a gross misuse of funds. The audience President Omot needs to talk to for Peace in Gambella is President himself. He is the commander of Anyuak Operation against the Nuer,

He knew where the terrorists are and he knew what their demands are. The terrorists are demanding the removal of Nuer in Gambella and as that failed politically, the terrorists resorted to violence killing Nuer everywhere they could find them.

Talking to Nuer in Newland is like telling them to not defend themselves because they are Anyuaks who have always been on the offensive.

Nuer Pastors must Not be fooled by President Omot to go to the streets to do a quasi-protest on his behalf to save his job. Not only that he does not deserve anything like that, but it would be an insult to our fallen Nuer and those that are still in the hospital.

The passenger bus attack on Nuer by Anyuak has over 45 wounded and 5 confirmed deaths. Neither Omot nor Thankuey came to the hospital to see the victims. If Omot does not know what the Anyuak are planning, then why didn’t he come to the hospital to weep with us? More importantly, why didn’t he make any attempt to apprehend criminals and put the terrorists behind bars?

Omot is determined to carry out the Anyuak agenda that is to eradicate Nuer. That is why the killing of Nuer by Anyuak terrorists would not stop. All the killings that happened in the past few months such as the killing of football fans under the bridge and the killing of patients and the police in ambulance in Abol have never been followed through.

None of the murderers were brought to justice. These are the killings that happened around Gambella city. But Numerous killings of Nuer in Itang and its surroundings were not investigated. Nuer death is made similar by Omot to that of a chicken one would slaughter for a meal.

Now that Nuer are starting to understand that Anyuak Means Business. Omot is stepping up fake peace efforts to confuse Nuer. Any peace that largely keeps out all the criminals must be taken with a grain of salt. This is designed by Omot and his Anyuak elites to weaken our resistance.

Nuer must not listen to that. President Omot is a criminal who does not need another day in office because a day in power means the renewal of a licence that consolidates his power to kill more Nuer.

A life is a life, and the federal government has to understand that Omot made Gambella an anarchy state. Criminals in his regime are left not only unconfronted but unchallenged as well. If principles of law and order failed, what you get is a free world of criminals walking free even on heinous crimes such as the bus and ambulance attack.

There is nothing to say would stop even the modest or petty criminals from doing carnages in a large scale. There are no deterrence mechanisms in place in Gambella that could stop others from committing crimes? Β President Omot must go for someone that is not coward to re-establish principles of policing so that the people of Gambella can breathe again.


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