Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The threat we are in is real. It is not a joke that the extremist wants to derail peaceful coexistence between the Nuer and Anyuak. This situation is ethnic cleansing and if you think you would be spared if you enter a bad territory, you will need to think again.

Yesterday, four people from the Nuer ethnic group who tried to travel to Tharpaam on a Bajaj from Gambella town were intercepted at Abol and all got killed by the side of the road. The driver who was an Abesha also got killed along with the Nuer.

By the time of this posting, there is an unconfirmed report that a passenger vehicle was attacked between Matar Wereda and Gambella town. If that is confirmed, then the death toll incured by the people of Wanthoa Wereda would be the highest in the region. Eleven people from Wanthoa were killed in the church at the onset of the conflict.

We hope this would inform people who downplay this threat not to make any unnecessary travel. People need to wait to hear the information about safe travel from the authorities when they make announcement to the public that it is safe to travel without a military scout.

Right now, it is extremely dangerous to travel anywhere in the region. Also people need to be vigilant and watch their back at all times. The situation Gambella is facing right now has never been like that in recent memory. This is exacerbated by the fact that Β killers are on the loose killing with full confidence that they will get away with these crimes. It is extremely advisable that people take a great care of themselves until peace returns again to the region.


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