Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Gambella crisis can be heartbreaking when one looks at it from the western world perspective. Numerous people have been arrested for wearing a T-shirt with the sign that read “Stop the genocide on Nuer and Oromos.

That was in Amharic language and the English version as you could see in the image read ‘I STAND WITH THE PM’. The argument was that law enforcement agencies such as the police should not involve in wearing slogans such as the one on the T.shirt because it does not promote peace.

With what is happening in Gambella specially with President’s administration, what everyone would say in regard to such claim is ‘goodness me’. This is one of the weird arguments ever heard of and  if that continued unchallenged, in political point of view, it would proof that the Nuer in leadership are nothing but dumb asses.

There are a lot they could say to counter the T.Shirt claim. Firstly, President Omot’s administration has shown that he is a president for Anyuak only. Not for anyone else.

For that purpose, they are using the state resources such as vehicles including vehicles of the office of the police commissioner to transport fighters to attack Nuer such as the case for Puldeng and Bereseb.

That thing is not hidden because many Anyuak police officers are now either in hospital with gunshot wounds or resting in hell. And now they are turning around saying that the Nuer in Gambella Police Force should know better about keeping peace and security in the region.

This is so heartbreaking and no wonder why you see so many rebelions in Africa. When you get dumb and tribal leaders in charge, they abuse the power to the point where peace abiding citzens would not have a choice but to rebel and that often would lead to security breakdown. Things then get out of hand so easily and so rapidly.

Omot and his Anyuak cohorts always dine with the criminals and now are arresting law abiding citizens for wearing a T.Shirt that read ‘ stop the killing of Nuer and the Oromos and I stand with the Prime Minister’.

The office of the Police Commission was said to be the one behind this arrests.  This is a serious violation of human right which always happen in Gambella. What on earth would be wrong for anyone to say stop the ‘genocide?

In fact, the Nuer did not plan for this unrest nor were the Oromos. The overall Habesha Community who are always dying in the hands of the Anyuak Extremist and thugs did not plan for this either. Nobody of course likes to see genocide commiitted even the least peace-loving Nuer would never agree on the extermination of Anyuaks who are now killing them.

The best thing the people of Gambella could do is to stop this madnees of killings which has melted down the economy of the state and finishing our society.  But for the authority to go and arrest people who envision such a dream is absurd. This would mean that the authority has an agenda

Gambella Vision would like this to be a responsibility of everybody, both Nuer and the Anyuak, who want peace and make a petition in the office of the Prime Minister to remove this toxic administration which is so good in manipulating and lies and the promotion of division between ethnic tribes in the region.

Last year, they were the Oromos who were executed in cold blood by Anyuak. But you get a bunch of Nuer arrested for Anyuak crime saying that they gave an order for the killing of the Oromos and the Nuer politicians were happy with that vindication.

Now history is repeating itself with the Nuer officials getting arrested for crimes, planned by the Anyuak extremist and started by Anyuak extremist.

One would wonder what the authorities really want. Do they want the fighting to continue, or do they want it to stop like what these people are saying on the T.Shirt?.

The Prime Minister must not focus only in Amhara Region. There are far more people in Gambella worse than the Fano Fighters he is dealing with in Amhara. These people need a holiday away from politic or else the state will be in a big mess.


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