Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Ethiopian Prime Minster has warned harsh rivals of South Sudan’s big guns, President Kiir and his former deputy Dr. Riek Machar to commit to peace in the war torn country. Fighting broke out in December, 2013 after a power struggle between President Kiir and Machar which Kiir accused Machar for staging a coup, a claim Machar vehemently denied indicating that his former boss was playing Russian Roulette with South Sudanese lives in a bid to stay in power indefinitely.

Many lives have been loss in a war many South Sudanese view as senseless because the President himself started it out of nowhere. South Sudanese democratic sympathizers accused the President for planning and starting it by recruiting Soldiers from his Greater Bar El Ghazel clan who rounded up Nuer civilians in the three days ordeal in Juba and buried them in mass graves which brings about the rebellion.

Ethiopia being a leader of IGADD (Inter Governmental Agency for Drought and Development) and a neutral nation in the South Sudan conflict was chosen by the rebels and government to mediate the warring parties to help them achieve a peaceful solution in ending the violence which brought the signing of peace agreement earlier in January. But in a number of occasions, that had never been honoured and violence has continued throughout the five months struggle resulting to the death of tens of thousands of people and the displacement of millions more.

Graphic images of dead bodies on streets and burnt down towns and villages as a result of targeted attack based on tribal lines in Juba, Bor, Bentiu and elsewhere throughout the country compelled the UN, US, EU and AU to do more and bring the two leaders to a face to face engagement in order to secure a lasting peace.

While the two were signing initial phase of the the peace process, Dr Riek’s statement seemed convincing. “I always believe this war should be ended in a peaceful mean. I believe the other side is serious and committed to this. President Kiir on his part gave a glimpse lecture stating that “I am the President of South Sudan and I will always remain in that position as the leader of that country”.

While the two were exchanging documents, their body language seemed hostile pressing the Ethiopian lady to detach the pair and guided them to their seats.

Observing the body gesture of the pair marred by the absence of handshake and smile the Ethiopian Prime Minster could not hide his true feeling any longer about the ongoing suffering of South Sudanese through war and untold looming of humanitarian crisis which will affect more population than that currently affected by war in the years to come.

“Make no mistake the Regional  and International Community is not going to sit idle by while killing is going on” Prime Minster warned them. His words can be translated into a possibility of the International Community  involvement in South Sudan conflict so as to protect the civilians if the two could not agree in a lasting peace.

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