Tuesday, May 21, 2024

As I checked the welfare of family members in Gambella today, a reliable source confided to me that Makhot Kebele of Itang Special Woreda in the Gambella

ENDF Killed Nuer Civiilians in Makhot Kebebel

region came under a heavy attack. The attack occurred at dawn while people were still asleep. It occurred at 11am in the morning Ethiopian Time or 5am East Africa time.

The assailants were Dhaal Dhim group which aligned itself with the Gambella Peopleโ€™s Liberation Movement (GPLM). This group is known to be antagonistic to the Prosperity Party views ย which was the reason why the PP support from the Anyuak community dwindled.

Both the GPLM and the Dhaal Dhim renegades collaborated with some rogue elements of ย the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in Gambella . The Trio attacked the Kebele which in reality the ENDF should have protected because it is this village among the Nuer Neighbourhoods in Gambella which came under numerous attacks from the Anyuak thugs with the goal of dislodging the Nuer from the village.

Some rogue elements of the ENDF aligned to the FANO which also shared the same vision with Anyuakโ€™s GPLM or Dhaal Dhim Movements united and attacked the village. This is a reliable source presented to me. This group is determined to make Gambella hostile like other regions of Ethiopia with much loss of human lives daily.

We would like the head of the Ethiopian Military General overseeing the security situation in Gambella to be investigated so that we could understand if he or she has any other business other than using the Defense force for external threats.

If President Omod Ujulu were to be a president for all people of Gambella, he would ask for the relieve of that military general which attacked civilians while asleep at 11:00am. But because he is carrying the Dhaaldim and GPLM agenda, which is the extermination of the Nuer in the region, he will facilitate more horrors like this violence incident.

Omot is not fit to be a President in s state that is multiethnic like Gambella. The longer you keep him in power, the more Gambella is going to bleed. As you seek peace to come to Ethiopia, it wonโ€™t come while bullets do the talk.

Peace will come through dialogue and compromises and that is why you made peace with the TPLF. Omot succumbs to GPLM and GPLM knows no policies but bullets. Their only peace is for the Nuer to be removed or killed.

Now that they could not manage to kill the Nuer by their own, they have brought in the Ethiopian National Defense Force to act as stooge doing their dirty work. Today some women lost their children or husbands.

Cow wounded in Makhot by the ENDF

Some students lost their teachers. The Nuer would not have mind that much knowing killing is in the DNA of every Anyuaks if these people were killed by Anyuaks. But for the Ethiopian National Defense Force to kill its own citizens is heartbreaking.

For far too long, every day has been a sad day for the Nuer in Gambella. So you know Omot means business into what he does with the killings of the Nuer, this village the ENDF attacked today used to be protected by the ENDF. But Omot told them to leave because he wants his Anyuak thugs to come and attack when there is no ENDF there.

Could you imagine if the ENDF was still stationed there and then other fellow comrades attack? Would that have happened. Prime Minister, you would share guilt by association if you do not act. What is difficult to do the right thing for Gambella? If Gambella was Oromia or Amhara, would you keep a leader like that in power?

What are you doing to your image, or do you think you are irrelevant in Gambella? Omot lost the direction which means he does not deserve any single day in the helm.



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