Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Violence in Gambella in the hands of Anyuak is increasing in exponential trend. From killing Nuers to cattle rustling, the Anyuak terrorist have no difference with murle who kills and also takes  livelihood. This is what happened to Nuers in MakotKebele  today. At night, while people were in their sleep, the Anyuak from Manyang Kebele took the cattle of the village and walked them to their town. This was noticed by a resident of the village after waking up in the early hours of the mornimg and noticed that the cattles were gone.

He sent the alarm to the village people who follwed footsetps of the cattle. The cattle and the Anyuak rustlers were reached before their final destination. A firefight erupted between the the cattle owners and cattle rustlers. The owners recovered their cattle but when the Anyuak realised that they are about to loose their ill earned resources, they shot three cows to death,

The situation in Gambella has never been that bad for the Nuer. This is what the Nuer are going through in Gambella right now. This is not the first time the Anyuak steal the Nuer cattle. Last year, they stole so many cattle which accidentally crossed the Baro river in search for graze. Those cattle never returns as the Anyuak uses them for food for their fighters in Eller which they train to kill Nuer on the roads and in Bereseb.

With the today’s fighting, President Omot ordered the Ethiopian DefenseForce to serve his people who were on the wrong side of the law. As alwasy, nobody know if he will be trying to arrest Nuer who in fact were the one under the Anyuak attack.


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