Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Anyuak have started a war on Nuer that is now bigger than they could imagine. Their demand to evict Ethiopian Nuer in Ethiopia will be met with the same force they are using. Nuer are always loyalts to authorities and many believe President Omot and his administration would handle the situation. But everyday, Nuer death has been occuring and occuring under President Omot’s watch.

This prooves Ethjiopia is partially a failed state particulalry in the case for Gambella because no tribe would wage war on another tribe and the goverment be seems to function as if nothing is happening. Upon the deaths of Nuer in the bus, President Omot and his vice went to Wanthoa wereda for tree plantaion.

Some of the victims were from Wanthoa which the Anyuak calls refugee part of the reason why they launch these attacks on Nuer. The Anyuak and their extremist would never force Nuer into submission. Nuer would defend themselves and they would do it vigourously. if there is no goverment to defend the consitutition and the people equally then Omot is responsible for any chaos that the people of Gambella are enduring and will continue to endure.

The Federal Forces such as the country’s defence force is doing its best to ensure peace exists in Gambella. But {resident Omot keep releasing the culprits who afre caught with guns in Nuer areas.  On top of that, there is unconfirmed report that Omot poured 36  milion Birr into this group to finance  their operations.  The extremist can have a billion dollar but because all they want to do is kill innocent people, they will not win.

They in fact will cause more miseriries to their loved ones who will be affected by the violemce they started.


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