Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The terrorists are trying hard to destabilize Gambella. On 27/04/2009, Ethiopian Calendar, two days into the Ethiopian Christmas, a man by the name of Thuok from Itang Wereda was shot and killed in the evening while siting on his front yard.  His body was taken to Lare yesterday and buried in Thorow, a Kebele of Itang Wereda.

Thuok was working in Itang  representing his community as a government employee.

Sadly , he was killed coldblooded without doing anything wrong to his assailant or to anyone in Gambella. He was killed just out of ethnicity, because he was Nuer which the terrorist want. The incident happened about 2:00pm in the evening, Ethiopian local time.

The attackers fled away but yesterday afternoon, the Ethiopian authorities;  federal authorities, the special force and the Ethiopian defense force, have questioned one man who was believed to be behind the attack.

The two other assailants are still on the run. The authorities are searching for them. All the suspects are believed to be from the Anyuak community. This comes a week after passengers were attacked in a public bus bound for Matar, a Wereda inhabited by Nuer in western part of the region.  The attack left 5 people dead including women and children and seven others wounded some with life threatening injuries. All the bus attackers were from the Anyuak community. They were caught and are being held in custody in Gambella for the crime they committed.

Despite the pain these terrorist are causing, the people of Gambella should remain united and leave this to the government to  bring those who are ruining so many lives and cause so much pain to many families to justice.

The people of Gambella should never let the terrorist win their hateful propaganda because the last thing the terrorist want is for our communities to turn against each other where innocent people including women and children can be made to lose their life.

This is barbaric and no one should go through that path again. We will believe in the judicial system to run its cause and catch anyone with evil spirit to be dealt and face the full force of the Ethiopian law.  Let hope those who commits crime are instantly caught so that the problem does not spill over to our good communities.

Gambella Vision urges both Nuer and Anyuak to stay united and continue with the love we have as sisters and brothers.  The view of evil souls from either side who want to destabilise our region is not shared by all Nuer nor by all Anyuak. So let treat them as individual devils which our state and federal governments will deal with harshly so that our beloved region, Gambella remain Peaceful and one of the places with a better security to live in Ethiopia.


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