Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Anyuak Terrorists who attacked the bus and killed 5 people

Our Intelligent on the Ground indicate that the Anyuak Terrorists, whose Goal is to kill, Eliminate and cause Terror for None Anyuaks IN GAMBELLA, have transported their terrorist to the Gambella City with the Aim of Killing Nuer Civilians. THe Ethiiopian Defense Force in the City is not enough to protect vast Areas of Gambella populated by the Nuer.

We have Nuer Police Officers in the Nuer Zone and large number of Ex Liyu Haile also in the Nuer Zone. We would like the Office of the Prime Minister-Ethiopia to give an Order to President Omot and his Vice,Thankuey to bring these personal to Gambella City to help the country Defense Force Protect the Civilians who are the target of the Anyuak Terrorists.
Prime Minister, Mark my word. Gambella City will be Stormed by Anyuak terrorist in less than 48 Hours. They have completed their Preparation and President Omot acts smarter telling all bulshits that he does not know anything of what is happening. His Vice could not suggest what we are suggesting to you either. President Omot has a full knowledge of Gambella Bloodhsed and this looming planned attack by his people on Nuer.
The only thing to stop that is to bring Nuer Police and Nuer Militia from the Nuer Zone and that is all what we want you to do is tell them to bring these people. Omot won’t listen to anyone and won’t help the ENDF to neutralise these terrorists. His Goal is to help Anyuak clean out the Nuer throughout Gambella including the Nuer who are South Sudanese in the Refugee Camps.
The ENDF also got their hands tight because President Omot tells them not to get involve to apprehend criminals. He says it would be sorted through negotiation because it is a family business.. For GOD Sake, who even kills his relative to tell the authority it is family business.
These people are pure Pure Evils including President Omot Himself. Nuer have the mean to defend themselves but incapacitated by the system. As for this information we are presenting to you, treat it with great deal of urgency.
You were a Minister of Intelligence before you become a Prime Minister. Well, the information we have does not need analysis. Data have already been gathered and facts have been checked.
Refer to the General in the region for cross check if in doubt. But first thing first is you NEED TO ACT NOW. NOW AND TELL THEM TO BRING BRING NUER MILITIA, POLICE AND EX LIYU HAILE TO HELP PROTECT THEIR PEOPLE ALONG WITH THE ENDF.


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