Tuesday, June 18, 2024

An Amblance with a patient and a nurse in it was attacked last night in Abol town by Gambella Police officers killing a police officer who was escorting the patients and wounding the nurse seriously. The fallen police officer was a Nuer killed by his comarades based on ethnic line just because he was a Nuer.

The Anyuaks are completing their agenda by killing anyone that is not Anyuak in Gambella. Two days ago, a bajaj driver from Oromo tribe was killed by Anyuaks in Itang. The killers have not been caught as is always the case. There was no motive on theΒ  killing of the oromos last night as is always the case dwhen it comes to the killings by Anyuak.

The Anyuaks feel that Nuer and other Ethiopians in the region are taking their lands. Thisis not speculation, it is a fact and they have made sure that they will kill everyone in Gambella so that insecurity will become a point where people cannot longer live there.

The last killing on people in ambulance is worst because it was carried by people who supposed to know about law. The ambulance was transporting a patient who was a victim of knife attack in Lare. The ambulance was rushing to serve his live because of internal bleeding. THankfully, the patient did not sustain any other injury. However, his brother who was by his side in the ambulance as well as the nurse were wounded and now fighting for their lives. The Police officer who was escoutng them died at the scene.

The Anyuaks have enjoyed killings of other ethnic groups in the region because their leader is protecting them. No matter how many people they they killed, they later got released, In November last year, Khat Ruey Puk of Itang woreda was killed at night by Anyuak while trying to go home. His killer was later arrested by uner the order of President Omot Ujulu, As the Anyuaks do not get any consequences of their actions, that is why we see killings every day on Nuer and other ethnic groups.

In average, two people are murdered in every two days. With the population of less than one million people, Gambella would be the highest place on earth per murder if it was to be a country. It would be a heasd of Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador or any other drug infested country.

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Baba Duol February 3, 2024 at 10:43 pm

The truth that I had witness, when the Ambulance arrived in hospital with 1 Corp and several wounded while I was a care taker on that night

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