Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Looking at how things unfolded in the United States of America especially in the White House, Africans need to see and reflect on a genuine and true democracy such as what we are witnessing in US. The United States is not a mother of democracy for no reason. Having a black person as president in just 4 years, it is true that the US citizens are not affiliated to individuals, tribes or a group of thieves as far as elections are concerned but to uphold democratic principles, constitution and the rule of law that has no bias whatsoever.
Therefore, the Members of National Parliaments in African countries who side with governments of the day when its President or a Prime Minister abuses power, kills people, rounds up opposition leaders and start or plan wars to terrorize communities or intimidate others from speaking up to legitimise their grip on power should be ashamed in disgrace.
By doing or saying nothing, those Member of Parliaments are the ones who help evil leaders like what Trump tried to do to triumph in grab of power. Knowingly or unknowingly, they help changed what were once vibrant nations of theirs to pig holes.
This is because it undoubtedly becomes inevitable for violence to occur when power is abused or grab violently. While focusing on USA, Countries with practices Trump attempted to do should not broadcast Pro Trump Riots in their state own national TVs. What Trump did has no different to what they are doing every single day and have been doing in the past and will continue to do in the future.
Its shamful that too many African countries still govern in Stone Age Methodology. Could anyone imagine what America would look like today if Congress sided with Trump yesterday? You dont have to look that far in Africa to see the carnage that could have resulted in most MAJOR US cities.
If that happened, Trump and the Congress would mostly to blame. But when there are people who speak up the truth in Parliament such as the Republican Majority Leader, and when there is no one above the law including the Prime Minster or the President, chances of violence are eliminated.
With the action of the Congress and many High Ranking officials from Trumph’s Republican Party who condemned the acts of the President, all we have to say at this instance is Gees! How Bless is the Civilised World!
In contrary to what you would see in third world, there are talks about the DC Police Cheif to be fired for not preparing enough force to stop rioters from getting into the White House.
In addition, many of those working in the White House im Trump Administration have submitted their resignation because of embarrassment caused by the Presidents’s actions. Many media in US want Trumph to resign saying that Democracy is at risk here. They argue 13 days left for him are too man togo through. This has stark different with state owned radios and televisions in despot led regimes. They broadcast what leaders in those countries wants to hear. 
This is something for us Africans needs to  reflect upon. This USA example has shown us that there is nobody above anyone else. Many Asian Countries are now okay democratically and technology wise catching up with the Western world.
But we are stuck with the pass fighting for leaders who would not  remember about us nor care for our children once we died protecting their grip on power. By doing that, we led ourselves occupied with matters that politcians should handle giving us no time or place to do well in education or technology like our Asian cousns do. Untill that happens, at this stage, all we can say is May God Bless America and The Western Democracy


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