Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Today is the saddest day the People of Gambella particularly the Nuer would never forget. Many innocent lives were lost in the hands of Murle cattle rustlers who took the advantage of a lawless South Sudan and came to attack the Ethiopian Nuer at the expenses of their livelihood (cattle).

As Ethiopia has earned stability since the downfall of Derg, a lot of farmers and villagers do not bear arms unlike South Sudan where everyone including children as young as 12 years old are armed by the South Sudan government to participate in their war.

The civilization of Ethiopia itself has aided the Culprits because almost all the villages which came under attack today do not have weapons to defend themselves with. This has increased the number of casualties greatly because the murderers were operation in a safe environment for them.

In turn, it has been devastating and as the full scale of the casualties become to light, the news would be very painful. As of now, it was reported by people on the ground that children were kidnapped apart from dozens of women and men killed in all woredas, Lare, Jokow and Makuey.

More news to follow.

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