Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Nuer MPS Signed death Sentences of their Families

There is something more sinister than fear of losing a job, personal safety or greed among Members of the Parliament in Gambella from Nuer ethnic group.

This include the Vice President, Thankuey Joack, whose leadership to Nuer has been a shambles. Nuer outside his government, would never understand why Thankuey and his group behave the way they do signing off a request from the Anyuak Zone of 18,000 bullets for Anyuak militias to kill Nuer whereever they could find them.

The ammunitions include ten boxes of Kalashnikov containing 15,000.00 bullets and 3,000.00 for light machine guns. All these were delivered to Anyuak terrorists which Omot called Law Enforcement or Peacekeeper Officers

These lethal aid was given to the Anyuak terrorists under the guise of fighting South Sudanese Lou Nuer. Only fool such as those in the Gambella Parliament can believe that because so many times, the Anyuak have been attacking Berberesep, Makhot, Puldeng, Tharpam with weapons from Gambella Police Department. All those Areas are deep in the Heart of Gambella. They are not South Sudanese Territories.

How could Thankuey and Bagual not understand that these bullets delivered to thugs are meant to terrorise and kill many innocent Nuer in Makhot, Puldeng, Itang, Berberesep and public Roads such as passengers in buses and bajajs the Anyuak have always been targetting?

When Nuer were frequently attacked, by Anyuak before the ENDF refused to back them up, Thankuey and Member of Parliament representing Nuer in Omot government were approached so many times by Nuer to bring police officers or militias from from Nuer Zone to protect the civilians in Berberesep and Newland who have always been under Anyuak attack and killed by the Anyuak but Thankuey and those MP we call Anyuak stooge refused.

As a result of their refusal, many Nuer lost their lives from Anyuak attack. The reason behind their refusal was Β that Gambella Police will protect the society which had never happened. Now, his boss does not think the way he thought about. Does that mean Nuer will also be given 18,000 bullets to protect themselves from Anyuak who have been attacking them?

These bullets are enough to kill 18,000.00 Nuer. They are enough to kill so many Nuer and bus drivers on Federal roads such as Lare Gambella Road which has been a bloodbath for so many bus drivers and innocent Nuer.

Thankuey and Bagual had the power to stop that toxic and lethal aid getting into the hands of Anyuak. If they they did not have power to stop it, they could let Omot sneak it out as he has always been doing. But for God Sake, no Nuer in sound mind should make it legal for someone to go and kill his or her families.

Thankuey and his group did not have to argue much given numerous times the Anyuak have attacked Nuer Ethiopians in their attempt to chase them away from Ethiopia. When the Anyuak attacked Puldeng and other villages, Nuer from villages under Anyuak attack did not ask for help from Omot or Thankuey for bullets, treatment or food knowing what the likly answer would be.

But now as Anyuak wants to carry out the genocide, they are making it more legal provided with the means by the very people who could oppose such a move. Since Thankuey and Baguel agreed and signed this document, every Nuer worldwide that put allegiance to Ethiopia must work hard for these weak guys to step down. Omot is using them as weapons to kill us.


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