Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The people of Gambella could not be any proud Ethiopians. Thanks to the Federalism and the current government of Ethiopia which has made Ethiopia a country for all. Gambella was honored this year to host the Nations Nationalities and People’s Day Celebrated by 88 different ethnic groups which make up the Ethiopian Nation.

Generally Ethiopians were happier with the event being held in Gambella however for the people of Gambella, this week cannot be any better. It is a particular mood for every Gambellian. Seeing all their Ethiopian brothers and significant members of the government is a lifetime memory that will never be forgotten. It is a week and a day that almost every Gambellian will remember for the rest of their lives whether at home or abroad.
Mr Thanyang, an Ethiopian from Gambella’s Lare Wereda left Ethiopia for Australia few years ago. But ever since, he has never given up his Ethiopian Identity.

Today he has dressed in Ethiopian Flag and the Gambella National and regional State flag to celebrate the importance of being a True Green and Gold.
Thanyang too was not alone in this historic celebration. Many Gambellians abroad shared their happiness through their facebook and telephone conversation.
The people’s day is not only important for Gambella but for the country as a whole. It will help us love one another and work together to make Ethiopia a Great Nation not only in Africa but also in the world.


Please have a look of the Nations Nationalities and People’s Day Song on a Youtube Video



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